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Examining the mutual fund landscape. An in depth look at the active funds from 1999-2018. Rob and Mike discuss "Survival Bias" and what it can do the skew the numbers. Is it all ju...

Today On ThinkSmart: Investor success and how it is tied to attitude. What are the fundamental steps any investor needs to take in order for their financial lives to have the outco...

Back from the Outback

What we learned from the DFA Australia Tour from advisors across the globe.

How The McClelland Financial Group have been insured and what we think will work for your future. 

Technological Advancements - Factor and Fee Based Investing - Re-balancing and Tax Effectiveness

Today on ThinkSmart. How do we assess risk in our financial lives? Are we looking at things the right way around or is there something more to the picture.

Life after 75 Guarantee of future higher income. Spending habits as we age. When to take CPP and OAS.

Rob and Mike reflect on two market mysteries: Why not just use your mattress and a casino as your saving and investing “solutions”? And if you do have a lump sum to invest, sho...

Today on ThinkSmart What happened in the markets in 2018 and what can we expect going forward. The smart way to tackle 2019.  

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